Come Collect Some Comics – Week of 10/11/17

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This week in comics didn’t look like it had much going on at first glance outside of the continuation of some ongoing stories, but upon further digging, there’s some great stuff going around for the second edition of Come Collect Some Comics.

The Amazing Spider-Man #789

The age of Parker Industries is over! Dan Slott takes the web-slinger back to basics, somewhere he hasn’t been in half a decade. From the Bugle once again asking if Peter is a threat or a menace to the looming problem of Harry Osborn’s recent return, ASM #789 is a great return to The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man we all know and love after years of Peter being Tony Stark Lite.



Detective Comics #966

On top of having my favorite name of any currently running comic story, Detective Comics‘ current arc, “A Lonely Place of Living” is one of the best written out. After a shocking reveal at the end of issue #965, Red Robin must face a potential future that he never wanted and try to make sense of it all. Timelines get murky and we’re left with two stingers that bring us that much closer to understanding DC’s Rebirth and make the next issue can’t-miss.


Ragman #1

One thing DC has excelled at in the last couple years is taking the deeper parts of their stable of heroes and making them into much bigger deals than they used to be, i.e. making Artemis and Bizarro two-thirds of Red Hood’s new Outlaws or giving Grifter, of all people, his own book. The trend continues here in the first of a six issue series on former fourth-string hero, Ragman. The newest version of Rory Regan has to contend not only with the onset of his new powers, but the guilt of surviving the catastrophe that took the lives of his brothers-in-arms. Slick art and a great new design for Ragman pair well with the story and leave me excited for issue 2 when it drops in November.



Runaways #2

I’m so glad Runaways is back. After being unceremoniously cancelled eight years ago and leaving on a cliffhanger before scattering the cast to the winds, the title is back with a vengeance, in no small part due to the upcoming Hulu show. This month’s issue deals with the direct consequences of Chase’s time-bending actions from the previous issue, as well as filling the reader in on the whereabouts of the other members of the group. Pick this one up.

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