Come Collect Some Comics – Week of 10/4/17

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Fall is in full swing and so are a ton of great comics from all sides. From DC and Marvel starting brand new stories with some of their most popular characters, to two of the most strangely satisfying crossovers in recent memory, this was a great week to start this segment on.

Nightwing #30

As time goes on, Tim Seeley makes more and more of a case for himself as the definitive Dick Grayson writer. After successfully crossing Nightwing’s new life in Bludhaven and his old life as an agent of Spyral in issues 26-28, Seeley turns Robin #1 back loose onto the streets to deal with his falling out with the Run-offs and ex-girlfriend Shawn Tsang, his new budding relationship with The Huntress, the return of Raptor and of course, the looming presence of Blockbuster. It’s a can’t miss issue for fans of Batman’s black-and-blue clad son.



Shadowman/Rae Sremmurd #1

Yes, you read that correctly.

For those of you that don’t know, Rae Sremmurd are the duo behind the song, “Black Beatles”, which gained traction last year in no small part due to the ultra-popular ‘Mannequin Challenge’ videos, eventually hitting #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and being awkwardly performed at The Game Awards last December. In this crossover with Valiant Comics’ Shadowman, the two perform in front of an equally awkward crowd: literal demons. Deals are cut and Shadowman saves the day, but the sheer novelty of this book makes it worth picking up.



Harley and Ivy Meet Betty and Veronica #1

In this week’s other wild crossover, DC teamed up with Archie Comics to start a six-issue limited series involving rich dude schemes, land development, and most shockingly, the fact that Gotham City is canonically just a short drive away from Riverdale, which makes a lot of things about both sides of that fence at least a little bit confusing. Betty and Veronica argue, Archie makes a mess, and Gotham’s favorite girls get up to some good for once in the start to what should be a fun six issues.


Spider-Man #21

Five years in, Miles Morales remains one of Marvel’s best new characters of the 21st Century. After running away to Japan in issue 20, Brooklyn’s Spider-Man has to wisecrack and web-sling his way out of a spot that’s more than just a little tough. A new ally is revealed to Miles’ father and we’re left with the promise of a brand new threat that’s all Miles’ to deal with. November’s issue can’t come soon enough.

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