Player Advantage team member and admin. Whether it's written content, audio, streaming/YT, helping in the back end, and more, you're likely to see me around here 24/7. Much like the variety of PA, my tastes seemingly span the ends of the earth.

Esports enthusiast (CoD, OWL, RL, more) / likely on a game or staring at a PS4 theme wanting to play something / Never shuts up / Trying to keep up with basketball / my Spotify shuffle is wackier than yours guaranteed

Current binges: Black Mirror and The Office (US)

Favorite teams: The ones I coach, Cloud9, London Spitfire, Lakers with Kobe and Shaq, 2011 Canucks that caused my city to riot, CoD teams that say stupid things on Astro listen-ins

@Trask98 on Twitter and Instagram

TraskWWW on PSN