Nightwing #34 Review

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Nightwing #34, cover by Javi Fernandez and Chris Sotomayor

It’s always an experience to watch a writer leave their mark on a character. Whether it’s creating a character from scratch or re-inventing an existing one, for better or for worse, watching a writer’s run with a character always leaves an impression on the audience. Since taking over duties with Dick Grayson all the way back in 2014 in Grayson #1, Tim Seeley has established himself as the writer for the original Robin, whether Dick’s been a super-spy working alongside the Huntress, or operating as the so-called “Batman of Blüdhaven” after taking his mask back up in the pages of Nightwing, Seeley has had a run for the ages and went out with a bang on Nightwing #34.

The final issue in the five-part story “Raptor’s Revenge” sees Bruce Wayne’s favorite firstborn team with every ally he’s made in his time in Blüdhaven, from Detective Svoboda to Blockbuster to even his ex-girlfriend Shawn Tsang a.k.a the Defacer and her team, the Run-offs, in order to finally deal with the man who was supposed to be his mother’s protector, Raptor.

Raptor is a different breed of villain that what is standard fare for Bat-related characters; Yes, he acts as a dark mirror of sorts to Nightwing, in the same way that Black Mask does to both Batman and Red Hood, but they have a bond that is like no other in the family, as is revealed as their fight reaches it’s conclusion. A new day dawns over Blüdhaven to end this issue, just as a new day will begin for Dick Grayson when Sam Humphries looks to make his mark beginning in Nightwing #35 in two weeks.

Thanks for the experience, Tim Seeley.

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