Runaways #4 Review

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Runaways #4, cover by Kris Anka

The return of the Runaways to Marvel, both in the comics and in the form of the TV show, has been a treat. Sure, Chase and Nico were around in Avengers Arena, Victor was part of the Avengers A.I. roster before getting bodied by Virginia Vision and a future version of Molly showed up in a few X-Men stories here and there, but it’s been quite a long time since the whole team has been prominent in anything.

The new Runaways, penned by Rainbow Rowell with art from Kris Anka, has all the spirit of the original, with all the characters you know and love with brand new problems. This month’s issue continues the ongoing story of the proverbial band getting back together, visiting Molly at her grandmothers after failing to reunite with Karolina in last month’s.

It also continues the ongoing story of the time displaced Gert trying to find her place in a world that moved on without her. Chase, Nico and Karolina, her boyfriend and two closest friends, respectively, are all years older than her now, Victor is a disembodied robot head that everyone thinks is out of commission, and Molly is almost as tall as her. For the first time in a long time, she’s out of place, and with the one group of people that she’s ever felt she fit with. To her though, it’s only been a few days since the last time she saw any of them, making everything that much worse to deal with.

Molly makes a discovery and has to keep it secret, Gert makes a choice and more things are left up in the air about Molly’s grandmother and the other members of the group as we await issue 5 in a month.

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