Team Deathmatch Has Reinvigorated My Overwatch Experience

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ot only has TDM been influential in reinvigorating my enjoyment of Overwatch, it’s inspired a fire in me that’s been long gone since other shooter titles.


I’ve recently embarked on my journey to re-immerse myself in the world of Blizzard’s smash-hit. Little did I know I’d be sucked back into the Overwatch universe via a simple, age-old concept: TDM. It plays to all of my strengths as a player. There isn’t a lot of strategy, but it’s preferable in a group. Since I’m a Solider 76 main, all I do is point and shoot, with some additional maneuvering and praying at Helix Rockets hitting their mark.

I’ve been waiting for TDM since I first broke out into game play. It’s balanced game play the way I haven’t seen it balanced before. Even though it’s heavily offensive based, considering you only have 10 minutes to get to 30 kills, maps are shrunk, and the games are considerably short even within that time limit (sometimes only taking 4 minutes on my favorite maps) — Team Deathmatch has become part of my daily routine due to its irresistible charm as a slayer, the “CoD beast” type of heat-up I receive from being motivated to just simply kill. I’m hyped for CoD World War II which drops this November.

Map Analysis: 

Eichenwalde was made for this game mode. As long as you’re not falling into the pit of death, I’d be shocked if you were to say this wasn’t a perfect fit. It’s turning into my favorite map in my entire game due to its usage in TDM. The primarily open area of the map, cut down to size, allows for satisfying kills and scream-charged deaths. I haven’t had a game come remotely close to hitting the time limit when we reach Eichenwalde on the map rotation. It’s always a sprint, with both sides colliding in the middle turn pike, aerially with at least one Pharrah every time, as well as entertaining skirmishes to hold down elevated platform control/catch spawns on roads. You’d do yourself a major disservice if you didn’t try out TDM on this map. It’s my preferred map-mode connection thus far.

I did not, in a million years, think that Hanamura would work so well as part of TDM, but it’s been one of the most positive takeaways regarding my experience thus far. Even on stream, we were whining as a groupsoon as we hit the map; but minutes later were raving about how different it was compared to quick games/competitive hell on the map. The map doesn’t feel cut off, but thanks to the cropping of certain areas such as the B capture point building, it plays a million times better with a quicker pace that offers an indulgent one-two punch the map hasn’t given out until now.

Necropolis is a continually frustrating yet rewarding map as part of TDM. I should have known better to think anything other than “the two roof tops will be the only time battles are fought, 99.9% of the time in this mode”. That’s the cold hard truth, you’re either fighting across the map trying to pick off players opposite you, or you’re finding a way to infiltrate Roof A or B. If you land on Necropolis, expect nothing but rooftop fights and dying via mobs elevated higher than you. It’s still a helluva entertaining time, just rough around the edges due to lack of ways to control the pacing.

Ranking the Maps That Aren’t Worthy of a Description:

1) Castillo

2) Black Forest

3) Ecopoint: Antarctica (stop the pain)

I’m not nearly as interested in the Deathmatch 8-player Free For All game mode, but it’s mildly fun. If you were to pick one to grind for fun/XP/with a group/for whatever reason, go TDM all the way. TDM has made me fall in love with Overwatch again, as well as making bad maps better, decent maps more enjoyable, and our favorite maps ones that are smaller and even more rousing for quick game play.

Here’s to hoping Team Deathmatch is permanent. It’s a much needed alternative to objective and elimination game plays. It provides a slayer outlet to those who want an easy way to play to their strengths, a fantastic way to spend time with friends, and an excuse to play much less defense in an already strategy laden experience. TDM every day keeps the doctor away. In this case, the doctor being falling out of Overwatch for a few months like I did. The excitement is back, and better than ever. P.S., just let me pay money for a golden gun already.

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