The Most Absolute Pure things in Comics: Hope Summers and Cable


The concept of purity is not something you would expect from a timer-travelling solder, who is a slowly dying mutant with metal skin. But no matter how much death you have caused over several different timelines, having to care, love, raise, and protect a daughter will certainly soften even the most resilient metal.

Instead of going through every single beautiful and touching moment shared between Hope and Cable, I am going to point to one particular series of events that shows the love that the murderous mutant mercenary has for the mutant messiah.

Avengers vs. X-Men has been one of the more talked about comic book events of the last ten years, despite that I very rarely see people talking about it’s prologue, X-Sanction. To summarize, five-year-old spoilers ahead, Cable sees a future where Hope, and most of the world has been destroyed by the actions of The Avengers. Naturally, as he only has about 24 hours to live, he decides to kill the avengers. The absolute insanity, and the absolute BALLS on Cable, to not only want to kill Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, but to do it within 24 hours, while dying. If that isn’t insane enough, he isn’t doing it to save mutant-kind, or to save the world, he’s doing it specifically for Hope.


His attack on the Avengers team of Captain America, Falcon, Iron Man, and Red Hulk goes well enough, until his father, Scott Summers, appears along with Hope. Eventually Spider-Man and Wolverine overpower Cable, which leads to this devastating scene, pictured to the right ->


What makes Cable and Hope’s relationship so special is it’s evolution. Their partnership was one of necessity and desperation. The idea that Hope, the mutant messiah, would be safer in the future with Cable, a literal baby and the most rough and gruff mutant there is, is not a natural partnership. What makes Cable and Hope so special and so endearing in the father/daughter dynamic is the fact that they evolved into that special relationship overtime. Cable fell in love with Hope as his daughter, and it took some time. Cable had to let his guard down, after losing his actual son and living most of his life alone, Hope was his biggest adjustment. To have to nurture and raise is very different from just protecting somebody. It was a major shift within the personality of Cable, who is used to protecting the future, now he has to protect this one tangible thing, this living breathing little girl. He can see her, hear her, talk to her, it is so completely outside of anything he has ever had to experience. Cable refers to her as his daughter, and has made protecting her more than his job, it’s his life, nothing is more important in Cables weird eye thing than Hope.


Cable’s willingness to die for Hope isn’t all that remarkable, there are numerous examples within the Marvel Universe of people wanting to sacrifice everything for their loved ones.

It’s Cables journey to that place that makes his love noteworthy. Time and Space will not stop him from keeping her alive, he is willing to change the future, risking his own timeline, even his own universe, specifically for her. The truth is that Cable no longer fights for Mutants or Humans, he fights and lives only for his daughter. There is no multiverse for Nathan Summers without Hope, and as seen in X-Sanction, that means taking the fight directly to earth’s mightiest heroes.  I just love their dynamic, the desperation drips off the page whenever Cable thinks about any harm falling to his daughter. The love he feels for the Mimic Mutant Messiah is absolutely pure, a metallic mutant mercenary loving his daughter until the actual ends of the earth, what could be more pure than that?

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